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Software & Hardware Requirements

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1. Make sure Reform, RightFax Plugin and MOST are installed and working correctly. You should be able to login from the MFPs successfully, if not, please refer to the MOST installation and setup guide.

2. RightFax FaxUtil must be installed on the Reform Server

Account Requirements

  • To display and search the user’s contacts. A SQL Credential that has read access to the RightFax database is needed in the configuration.
  • To send faxes and display statuses: The Reform Service account needs to be a RightFax administrator. The next page has the screenshots of how to verify if a user is a RightFax administrator.

On the RightFax server, open the RightFax Enterprise Fax Manager, the username is red if it has an administrative access to RightFax.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 04.png

If you need to give administrative right to the user, double click the username to open the User Edit Window, click on Permissions tab and check Administrative Access. Click OK to save the changes.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 05.png

You can also verify your credential from the Reform server to see if you have administrative right in RightFax by opening the RightFax Util application by going to Start > Programs > RightFax FaxUtil. Your account should be able to see all the Other Users listed.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 06.png


To install Most-RightFax to your existing Reform installation, you will need to download and run the Reform-MOST-RightFAX installation executable.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 07.png

Step through the prompts, and the installation will begin.

The default installation directory for Reform and its Plugins is C:\Program Files\Reform…\. If you have changed the path during the Reform installation routine, please refer to the appropriate path instead of the default one referenced throughout this documentation.

After the installation, open the MOST Manager by going to Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST > Manager. The MOST Manager should be restarted (if running) as it requires newly added files to be loaded upon startup. Press the red Stop button and then the green Start button to do so.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 08.png

The Reform Spooler Service must also be restarted. Open up the Spooler by going to Start > Programs > Reform… > Spooler. Click the Refresh button or the red stop button and then the blue start button.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 09.png

Importing RightFax Screens into MOST

We need to import the MOST screens for RightFax. To do so, go to Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST-RightFax > Install MOST Screens

Reform15 Most-RightFax 10.png

If not currently open, you will notice that the MOST Designer appear. When prompted if you want to import RightFax into MOST, click Yes.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 11.png

Leave the MOST Designer open as it will be used later in the tutorial.

Global Variables Setup

We must setup the Global Variables required for MOST and RightFax to Communicate. If the MOST Designer is not already open, go to Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST > Designer to start it.

In MOST Designer, Go to Data > Global Variables

Reform15 Most-RightFax 12.png

Select each variable and enter the correct value, then click Update.

RFAdminUserID = This is your RightFax Administrator UserName

RFAdminPassword = This is your RightFax Administrator Password

RFProxyAutoDetect = If set to TRUE, MOST will use the Proxy Account if the user doesn’t have access to RightFax

RFProxyUsername = It’s the RightFax Proxy account that will be used by MOST users if they don’t have RightFax account setup.

RFServerName = Your RightFax Server Name

RFSQLUserName = Your RightFax SQL UserName

RFSQLPassword = Your RightFax SQL Password


Reform15 Most-RightFax 13.png

Once complete, click the save icon

Reform15 Most-RightFax 14.png

in the Toolbar.

    • If Windows/NT Authentication is being used in RightFax, it should also be used in MOST. If it is not being used, each MOST User has to have an account that matches the RightFax account. Below is an example of adding a RightFax User to MOST in order to authenticate to RightFax.**

Setting up DSN Database Connection

There must be a System DSN called "RightFax" in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. You can use the SQL Username and Password authentication or the Windows/NT Authentication. This will require that the SQL server hosting the RightFax database be configured to allow such an authentication scheme.

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources ODBC

2. Select System DSN tab and click the Add button.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 15.png

3. Select SQL Server and click Finish.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 16.png

4. On the next screen, type RightFax for the name property, and select your RightFax SQL server from the dropdown list. If the RightFax server is not on the list, type in your RightFax server name.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 17.png

5. Depending on your environment, you can use Windows NT Authentication or the SQL Server authentication. For the tutorial we will show you both.

6. A) Using SQL Server Authentication

Select With SQL Server authentication.., Check Connect to SQL Server to obtain default settings for the additional configuration options and enter your SQL login ID and password. Click Next.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 18.png

B) Using Windows NT authentication

Select With Windows NT authentication. Click Next.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 19.png

7. Check, Change the default database to the RightFax database. Click Next.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 20.png

8. On the next screen, click Finish.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 21.png

RightFax Connection Test Utility and Setup

This included Connection Test Utility is used to check the integrity of various settings when setting up a MOST server to work together with RightFax. It checks several settings to make sure that they are configured properly. If there is some kind of issue with the MOST and RightFax servers communicating, this utility can be used to isolate a problem and fixing it.

To run the RightFax Connection Test Utility: Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST-RightFax > Connection Test

Keep in mind that this Connection Test Utility is only intended for workflows that are using RightFax integration together with MOST.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 22.png

1. Displays some information that should be read before proceeding.

2. Checks to see that you have correctly set the necessary Global Variables from within the MOST Designer application.

3. Verifies that you are able to write to the shared directory on the RightFax Server where fax jobs are sent.

4. Checks to make sure that a connection can be established between the MOST server and the RightFax server.

5. Checks the integrity of the connection between the MOST server and the RightFax database.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 23.png

Test #2 Global Variable Validation – If the message below occurs, go back to the previous section to make sure the Global Variables are set correctly.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 24.png
Reform15 Most-RightFax 25.png

Test 3 & 4 should pass without additional input from the user.

Test 5 If the message below occurs, go back to the previous section to make sure the DSN are set correctly.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 26.png

To make all the changes take effect at the Server, the MOST Manager must be restarted. Please Stop the MOST Manager and then Start it. Note: If you are using the Windows/NT Authentication your MOST service should be running under the same account.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 27.png

MOST RightFax Monitor Service

The RM_RightFAX_Monitor service is installed with the MOST-RightFax installation. You can verify that the service is installed and running by going to Services in Administrative Tools (Control Panel) or by going to Start > Run and typing services.msc.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 28.png

This service installs as a local system account by default and is recommended to have local administrative rights to function properly. Depending on your environment, you may need to change the login account for this service to an administrative account. Note: If you are using the Windows/NT Authentication for your DSN connection your MOST service should be running under the same account.

To change the service Log On, right click on the service and go to Properties.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 29.png

Next, go to the Log On tab and use the browse button to search for an account that has administrative access. Fill in the rest of the credentials and click OK. You will be notified that the service has to be restarted for the changes to take effect. Please restart the service by stopping it and then starting it back up. Once started, you can close the services window.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 30.png

Adding RightFax users to MOST

As an example of adding RightFax users to MOST, we want to add the user administrator to the MOST Users and Groups.. In the MOST Designer, go to Data>Users and Groups

Reform15 Most-RightFax 31.png

If using Windows/NT Authentication on both MOST and RightFax, proceed to Step B.

  • Click the Add button.
Reform15 Most-RightFax 32.png

Enter the user’s RightFax information. The Username is their RightFax Username. Their Password is their RightFax Password. Click Add once complete.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 33.png
  • Select Domain Users
Reform15 Most-RightFax 34.png

After adding the user administrator or Domain Users, highlight RightFax from the Available Collections and click the right arrow button to make that collection available for administrator or LDAP users.

Click on the Save icon

Reform15 Most-RightFax 35.png

and close the Designer window.

MOST RightFax Tutorial

(Go to to view the MOSTRightFax demo video)

In this tutorial, we are going to show how MOST integrates with RightFax.

1. Login to MOST at an MFP or use MOST Desktop (Start > Program > Reform… > MOST > Misc > MOST Desktop) using the following credentials if you created the administrator user. If not, login using NT Authentication(LDAP) but make sure your RightFax server is also using the same username and password.

Click Log In.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 36.png

2. Make sure you are on the RightFax Screen. First thing we want to do is go to the add contacts tab. On the left, click on Add PB tab and fill out fields with the following information.

Name: John Doe

Company: Xyz Inc.

Fax Number: Enter a valid fax number

Verify Fax: Enter the same fax number entered above

Phone Number: <enter in a fax number that you can test with>

City/State: Cedar Grove/NJ

With the information filled out, Click the "Add to PhoneBook" button.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 37.png

3. On the left, click on Lookup tab. Select the contact you just added from the list and click on Add Recipient button to populate the Recipients box.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 38.png

4. You will notice that Recipients have been populated with the fax book entry you have chosen. Now, on the Notes field type in Important Announcement! and click Send Fax.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 39.png

5. We also want to send another faxing using the Manual tab. Here, you can manually send a single fax. On the left, click on the Manual tab and fill out the fields. Click on Send Fax button.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 40.png

6. Wait a moment and then click on Status on the left hand side to view the statuses of the two faxes you have just sent.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 41.png

7. Select one of your documents from the list. You also have an option if you just want to see the first page of the fax document or all pages and an option to print the transmission history of the document using the "Print History" checkbox. Click on Print. The first page will print the status of your fax followed by your document.

8. Next we will edit the contact "John Doe" which we had created. On the left Click on Edit PB, and select the contact to be edited. We will edit the following fields by replacing with these new values: Name = Bella Greene, Company = Star Magic, Phone=2457894561 and Fax=701. Click on Save.

Wait a few seconds and click on Faxbook, leave the search field blank to refresh the list. You should be able to see the changes you made.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 42.png

9. Finally, we will delete a contact. On the left Click on Del PB. Your faxbook should be populated automatically. Select a user from the faxbook that you want to delete. We will be deleting "Bella Greene", the user we had just edited. Click the Remove to complete the process.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 43.png

10. To verify that the contact was deleted, wait a few seconds and then click Faxbook (leave the search blank). Your results will be populated and your deleted contact should no longer exist.

Reform15 Most-RightFax 44.png

11. You have completed the simple tutorial on how to use the default RightFax screens.


There are certain directories and SQL tables that need to be monitored for growth along with the RightFax plugin for Reform. As a system processes more and more jobs, the size of these directories and SQL tables can grow very quickly. Overall system performance can be affected by the large amounts of space that the files may take up. Also, there exists a 10GB database limit if using the Microsoft SQL Server Express supplied with this installation. Obsolete files/database entries should be deleted according to your needs and file retention specifications.

Please see the Reform Health Monitor and Maintenance Utility section in the Reform User Manual for more information and instructions for monitoring and maintaining your server. It is recommended to monitor the following directories and SQL tables for growth:


C:\Program Files\Reform…\Backups

C:\Program Files\Reform…\Spooler\ImageQueue

C:\Program Files\Reform…\Spooler\RightFaxQueue

SQL Tables:



Cannot pull phone book information from RightFax. Make sure the RightFax account is setup to have administrator access:

Reform15 Most-RightFax 45.png

Other company or product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies

RightFAX Issue Ticket

*User’s Name: ___________________________________ *User’s Login Name: ______________________________

*User’s Email Address: ____________________________ User’s Building: _________________________________

User’s Department: ______________________________ Support Contact’s Name: __________________________

Support Contact’s Email: __________________________ Support Contact’s Phone: __________________________

*Severity of Issue (Please check one):

    □ 0 - Test environment (non-production)
    □ 1 - Users are affected, but able to continue business

□ 2 - Users are affected and it is affecting business, other functionality is working properly

□ 3 - The software is not functioning properly at all – system outage

Number of Users Affected: ________________ List Each Users Login Name _____________________________


*Description of Issue: _________________________________________________________________________________________________




*Observations about the Issue:

Frequency of Issue: Once / Random / Every Attempt / Other (Please Describe): ________________________________

First Occurrence (Date/Time): _____________________ Latest Occurrence (Date/Time): _______________________

  • *Issue is occurring at (Fill in all fields for Reform Server and RightFax Server):
  • Reform Server(s)

Reform Server IP(s): _____________________________________________________________________________

  • RightFax Server(s)

RightFax Server IP: _____________________________________________________________________________

*Does the affected user have a RightFax account? yes / no

*Does the RightFax FaxUtil connect to the RightFax server properly? yes / no

*When using the RightFax Connection Test Utility, are any test results un-successful? yes / no If no, which one(s)

were unsuccessful with corresponding message? _________________________________________________________


If faxing speed is an issue, please list the time it takes to fax the document: __________ seconds / minutes

*Is user able to send faxes through RightFax outside of Reform/MOST? yes / no

Additional information when using the MOST plug-in with Reform

  • MFP (If using the MOST Plug-in for Reform from an MFP)

Number of MFPs Affected:_______________________

MFP Java Version:______________________________ MOST Version: _________________________________

MFP Serial #:__________________________________ MFP IP: _______________________________________

MFP Model #: _________________________________ MFP Location: __________________________________

  • Workstation (If using the MOST Desktop Plug-in for Reform from a workstation)

Number of Workstations Affected: ________________ Workstation OS: XP / Vista / 7

Workstation IP: ________________________________ Workstation Name: _____________________________

*Is the user able to search contacts when logged into MOST? yes / no

*Is the user able to add a PhoneBook contact? yes / no

*Is the user able to see status results on the RightFax MOST screen? yes / no

* Fields are required