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Obtaining an Evaluation Key

Once the installation is completed a 60 day key is automatically installed. If you have problems with the automatic key then you will need to register Reform manually. If you don’t see the registration window, run the Spooler by Navigating to your desktop and clicking on FabSoft Reform folder, then the Base then on Reform Spooler. It will ask you to register your copy of Reform. Click the Evaluate button.

ReformEngine 09.png

Enter your email address, and then click Get New Evaluation Code. This will launch an Internet Explorer window which will let you request a 60-day evaluation key to be emailed to you.

ReformEngine 10.png

Fill in your information

ReformEngine 11.png

Once the information is entered, click the Submit button. When it says that an evaluation key has been sent, check your email for a key to arrive. Note: If you do not receive the emailed evaluation code, be sure to check your Spam folders. Then, in Reform’s Evaluation Registration window, paste the key from your email into the Activation Code box and click OK. You now have an unrestricted 60 days of Reform usage.

ReformEngine 12.png