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About Dashboard

Reform Dashboard allows users and administrators and support personnel to view the statuses of documents processed through the Reform environment.  Users will be able to view their own email, fax, and scan statuses from the Dashboard website.  They will also be able to review details about their document, as well as the MFP that the document was scanned from.

Two levels of support can be configured in the website. Level 1 will be able to view the processed documents for all users along with alerts and MFP’s MOST logs.  Level 2 will be able to view processed documents for all users along with alerts and MFP’s MOST logs, and all MFP issues, and server Event Log and services information.

System Requirements

  • Reform Base (Manual Reform_Engine)
  • Dashboard Plug-in
  • For Evaluation and Demonstration: Windows 7, 8, Server 2008, 2012 & 2016 (64bit only).
  • For Production Systems: Windows Server 2008, 2012 & 2016 (64bit only)
  • Virtual servers are fully supported.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (installed automatically if not present on the current system)

All required Reform software downloads can be found at in the Downloads section.

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium 4 Processor
  • 4 GB RAM


1. Make sure both Reform and MOST are installed and working correctly with your Ricoh MFPs. You should be able to login from the MFPs successfully, if not, please refer to the MOST installation and setup guide.

2. The MOST Server and MOST Dashboard should run as a domain account.

3. LDAP is required to be enabled in the MOST Manager. This setting is located in the MOST Manager by going to Edit >> Settings and navigating to the Authentication tab. A Domain must be specified if using the Active Directory server type. Please consult the MOST Manual for more information about the Authentication tab. Users should be able to login to the MOST on the MFP using their Active Directory/LDAP user name.


To install MostDashboard to your existing Reform installation, you will need to download and run the Reform-MOST-Dashboard installation executable

Reform15 Dashboard 03.png

Step through the prompts until the setup begins. Allow the Most Dashboard installation to complete.

The default installation directory for Reform and its Plug-ins is C:\Program Files\Reform…\. If you have changed the path during the Reform installation routine, please refer to the appropriate path instead of the default one referenced throughout this documentation.

Configuring Internet Information Services (IIS)

It’s required that you use IIS Manager to configure MOST_Dashboard Application Settings.

Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

Reform15 Dashboard 04.png

In the Connections Pane Go to Sites > Default Web Site > MOST_Dashboard

Reform15 Dashboard 05.png

Click on Application Settings to display the Application Settings window

Reform15 Dashboard 06.png

In the Application Settings window, populate the required fields.

Reform15 Dashboard 07.png
Field Name Description
DSN_Name Required DSN name of the ODBC connection for the SQL Server.
DSN_UserName Optional Username for MOST Dashboard to authenticate to the SQL Server.
DSN_Password Optional Password for MOST Dashboard to authenticate to the SQL Server.
DSN_TrustedConnection Required flag for the SQL connection. Can be set to "True" or "False.
LDAP_Domain Optional domain name. If blank, and Dashboard is installed on the same server as MOST, the MOST LDAP settings will be used.
LDAP_Group_ITLevel1 Optional LDAP security group name for Level 1 support users.
LDAP_Group_ITLevel2 Optional LDAP security group name for Level 2 support users.

MOST Dashboard Website

To open the MOST Dashboard Website, go to Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST Dashboard > MOST Dashboard Website.

Reform15 Dashboard 08.png

The website will open, it looks like the one below.

Reform15 Dashboard 09.png

Click in the Login button. You will be directed automatically to the Transactions tab in the webpage.

Note: The account you log into the website as should be a domain user.

Reform15 Dashboard 10.png

In the Left Panel you can search by Completed Date, Destination, Email, Full Name, Job Type, Most ID, Scanned Date, Server Name, Subject, Submitted Date, and Username.

Reform15 Dashboard 11.png

After selecting the Field you want to search, click the Search button to display the transactions.

Reform15 Dashboard 12.png

The results can be filtered by Document Types.

Reform15 Dashboard 13.png

It can also be sorted Completed Date, Destination, Email, Full Name, Job Type, Most ID, Scanned Date, Server Name, Subject, Submitted Date, and Username.

Reform15 Dashboard 14.png

Every document on the transaction list will have the date it was scanned, submitted and when it was completed.

Reform15 Dashboard 15.png

To see the Transaction Detail, double click the desired transaction.

Reform15 Dashboard 16.png

Transaction Detail View

Reform15 Dashboard 17.png

Now please click the Machines tab. You will see the list of machines in the left side.

Note: To access the Machines tab, you must be part of the Level 1 or Level 2 support groups.

Reform15 Dashboard 18.png

Click in any of the Machines in the left side of the screen. It will show the Serial Number and IP Address of the Machine.

Reform15 Dashboard 19.png

When you expand the list for the machine, you will see the RSH Log and the Alerts for the specified machine.

Reform15 Dashboard 20.png

Click the RSH Log, the logs from the machine will appear in the window.

Reform15 Dashboard 21.png

Click the Alerts link and you will see the alerts from the machine in the window.

Reform15 Dashboard 22.png

Now please click the Servers tab. You will see the list of Servers we have been working from.

Note: To access the Servers tab, you must be part of the Level 2 support group.

Reform15 Dashboard 23.png

When you expand the list for the Server, you will see the EventLog, Services and the Resources for the specified Server.

Reform15 Dashboard 24.png

Click the Event Log link. It will show the Event Log from the server on the window.

Reform15 Dashboard 25.png

Click the Services link and you will see the list of services and the Status.

Reform15 Dashboard 26.png


There are certain directories that need to be monitored for growth along with the MOST Dashboard Plug-in for MOST. As a system processes more and more jobs, the size of these directories can grow very quickly. Overall system performance can be affected by the large amounts of space that the files may take up. Also, there exists a 10GB database limit if using the Microsoft SQL Server Express supplied with this installation. Obsolete files/database entries should be deleted according to your needs and file retention specifications.

Please see the Reform Health Monitor and Maintenance Utility section in the Reform User Manual for more information and instructions for monitoring and maintaining your server. It is recommended to monitor the following SQL tables for growth:

SQL Tables:






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MOSTDashboard Issue Ticket

*User’s Name: ___________________________________ *User’s Login Name: ________________________________

*User’s Email Address: ____________________________ User’s Building: ___________________________________

User’s Department: ______________________________ Support Contact’s Name: ____________________________

Support Contact’s Email: __________________________ Support Contact’s Phone: ____________________________

Number of Users Affected: _____________ List Each Users Login Name _________________________________



*Severity of Issue (Please check one):

    □ 0 - Test environment (non-production)
  □ 1 - Users are affected, but able to continue business

□ 2 - Users are affected and it is affecting business, other functionality is working properly

□ 3 - The software is not functioning properly at all – system outage

*Description of Issue: __________________________________________________________________________________________________




*Observations about issue:

Frequency of Issue: Once / Random / Every Attempt / Other (Please Describe): __________________________________


First Occurrence (Date/Time): _____________________ Latest Occurrence (Date/Time): _________________________

  • * Issue is occurring at (Fill in all fields for MFP, Reform Server, Workstation and MOST Dashboard):
  • MFP

Number of MFPs Affected:_______________________

MFP Java Version:______________________________ MOST Version: __________________________________

MFP Serial #:__________________________________ MFP IP: ________________________________________

MFP Model #: _________________________________ MFP Location: ___________________________________

  • Reform Server(s)

Reform Server IP(s): ______________________________________________________________________________

  • Workstation (If using the MOST Desktop Plug-in for Reform from a workstation)

Number of Workstations Affected: ________________ Workstation OS: XP / Vista / 7

Workstation IP: ________________________________ Workstation Name: _______________________________

  • MOST Dashboard

MOST Dashboard URL: ___________________________________________________________________________

*Is user able to open the Webpage? yes / no

*Is user able to see entries on the Webpage? yes / no

*Is user able to see the different types of documents? yes / no

*Is user able to see the Machines in the Machines tab? yes / no

*Is user able to see the Servers in the Servers tab? yes / no

*If connecting speed is an issue, please list the time it takes to connect to the webpage: _______seconds / minutes

* Fields are required