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Reform Licensing and Registration

First, you need to purchase the software, after you will receive a serial number.

Make sure you are on the computer that will be running the FabSoft product.

Open the Spooler application by navigating by clicking on the desktop folder FabSoft Reform, then the Base Folder then on Reform Spooler (if it is not already open),


click the Register button.


To obtain a registration key, fill out the webpage to receive the activation information. If you experience a problem email FabSoft at and provide your information, serial number, and System ID to FabSoft.

A window will be displayed that shows the System ID near the top. Make sure this is the same System ID used to obtain the activation information on the webpage or to FabSoft.

ReformEngine 14.png

Once you have received your Activation code from FabSoft, paste it in the white space and click Apply License to permanently register your copy of Reform.

ReformEngine 15.png

You now have a fully licensed copy of Reform.