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Print To Me allows users to print documents from a PC to any MFP as opposed to printing to a predetermined MFP or printer. MFPs are constantly being used by other employees, or can be unavailable due to paper jams, lack of supplies, or malfunctions. Printing documents to Print To Me enables users to access them from any MFP on the network, therefore if one MFP is unavailable, users can go to the next without reprinting the document or having to worry about privacy. Print To Me also employs LDAP authentication for a secure printing environment. Both wired and wireless users will benefit from having a single printer (Print To Me) installed on their computers while giving them the flexibility to retrieve their printed documents from any MOST enabled device.

Print To Me Workflow:

  • User prints a document to Print To Me through a standard Print Driver.
  • The Print To Me software recognizes the user, computer and document name that is printed. All of this information is stored on the MOST server.
  • The user can go up to any MFP on the network, login into MOST and print their documents.
  • MOST identifies the user and lists the user’s documents on the MFP screen. The users can then request the print job, preview the print job, or delete it.
  • The user can select the document or documents needed, and print them directly to the MFP. They also have the ability to delete the document after printing.
  • All login requests and communication between the MFP and the MOST server are encrypted using 1024 bit RSA Key encryption.

Software & Hardware Requirements

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To install Print To Me to your existing Reform installation, you will need to download and run the
Reform15 PrintToMe 03.png

Step through the prompts until the setup begins. Allow the Print To Me installation to complete.

Reform Evaluation / Trial Key

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Reform Licensing and Registration

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  1. Make sure both Reform and MOST are installed and working correctly with your MFPs. You should be able to login from the MFPs successfully, if not, please refer to the MOST installation and setup guide.
  2. The MOST Server must be on the same domain as the Active Directory server.
  3. Enable LDAP in the MOST Manager. This setting is located in the MOST Manager by going to Edit > Settings and navigating to the Authentication tab. A Domain must be specified if using the Active Directory server type. Please consult the MOST Manual for more information about the Authentication tab. Users should be able to login to the MOST on the MFP using their Active Directory/LDAP user name.

Print To Me Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use the Print To Me print driver to send jobs to an MFP. All the documents that the user prints will be stored on the Reform Server and listed in the two Print To Me screen. At that point, the desired document or documents can be printed directory from the MFP. In order to see the printed documents, these steps must be carried out on an actual MFP and not the MFP Emulator (MOST Desktop).

Click Here to install the MOST client to your MFP / copy machine.

  1. The installation routine automatically added a printer called Print To Me and shared it so that computers (workstations) can connect to it. In order to send a print job to the MOST server and have access to it on the MFP, users print as they normally would but instead of selecting a specific printer, they will need to select the Print To Me printer.
    Vmconnect 2019-10-30 15-41-50.png
  2. In order to use Print to Me, the printer first must be installed on a PC that is on the same Domain as the MOST server and Active Directory server. Log onto a PC with the same user name that you will use to log into MOST with at the MFP. These two users names must match as only the documents printed by the user will be available when that user logs into the MFP.
  3. To install the printer on the PC, open an explorer Window and in the address bar type: \\<MOST Server Name or IP> (replace the MOST Server Name with the name of your server. example: \\mymostserver). This will open up the default shares for that server.
  4. Double click on the "Print To Me" printer and it will install automatically on your PC. To confirm the installation, navigate to Printers and Faxes in the Control Panel to see the newly installed printer.
    2019-10-30 16-11-19.png
  5. Print a document to this Print To Me printer from any application. For the demonstration, we will be using the "Notepad" windows application with some sample text.
    2019-10-31 16-15-23.png
  6. Log into the MFP and your document will be displayed on the Print To Me screen. There are two Print To Me tabs in your Print To Me collection (PrintToMe and Mobile). For now, we will use the "PrintToMe" tab. Here you can see your document in the "Document Name" column and the date that it was submitted to Print To Me in the "Submitted" column. The Preview button can be used to preview your printed documents (you must select the document before clicking Preview).
    2019-11-29 16-37-33.png
  7. Click the field under "Print To Me Job Settings:" which current reads Print and Delete Selected Documents. This will prompt you with all the available printing and or deleting options.
    2019-11-29 16-40-45.png
  8. The default setting is to "Print and Delete Selected Documents". Choose either this setting or any of the other printing related settings. Click OK.
  9. Now select your document from the list (the background will change color when selected). If you have printed multiple documents, you can selected those as well. Once selected, click the Print / Process button. This will perform whatever is selected in the Print To Me Job Settings.
  10. After clicking the Process button and if a printing operation was selected, your documents should have printed to the MFP.

Importing MOST Screen

The Print To Me screens will get imported automatically by the installation, so this step should not be need for the basic installation.

To import MOST screens:

  1. Navigate to the shortcut on the desktop, located at Desktop > FabSoft > PrintToMe > Install Screen to MOST Designer, then double click the shortcut.
    2019-11-29 16-54-11.png

Select Yes to import screens to MOST

Please refer to the MOST manual for more information regarding MOST terminology and setup. Manuals can be found Click Here.

Assigning Collection to Users

  1. Go to Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST > Designer
  2. On the MOST Designer toolbar click on Data > Users and Groups
    Reform15 PrintToMe 08.png
  3. Click on Add.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 09.png
  4. You will need to add an Active Directory username or group you are planning to log in as.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 10.png
  5. For the demonstration, we will be using the LDAP Group Domain Users
    Reform15 PrintToMe 11.png
  6. Highlight your username or group and select Print To Me from Available Collections box and click Reform15 PrintToMe 12.gif to add Print To Me.
    Tip: Set Login Timeout to 0 to disable the automatic timeout.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 13.png
  7. Go to File > Save or use the small save icon Reform15 PrintToMe 14.png to save your changes.

MOST Configuration to Enable Remote Printing of Documents at the MFP

Pictogram voting info.svg.png  If CommunicationType global variable is set to Local (MFP can be reached by IP on a local network), this step can be skipped. In order to print documents remotely (when a MFP is not reachable by IP), the CommunicationType should be set to Remote and the following steps should be taken.

Remote Printing must be enabled in the MOST Manager if the CommunicationType is set to Remote in the Global Variables configuration.

  1. To enable Remote Printing, first make sure MOST Manager is open by going to Start > Programs > Reform… > MOST > Manager. It may be running in your task bar, so check for the small Reform15 PrintToMe 15.png icon and double click on it to bring up MOST Manager.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 16.png
  2. Go to Edit > Settings
    Reform15 PrintToMe 17.png
  3. Go to the Devices tab. Here we need to check the Enable Remote Print checkbox if it is not already checked. You must also specify your Reform installation’s Queue directory which is usually C:\Program Files\Reform…\Queue. Use the browse button Reform15 PrintToMe 18.png to select this directory. The polling interval is how often the MFP will check this directory for print jobs. If 30 seconds is not optimal for your environment, please change it the desired value.
    Note: The lower the interval, the more network traffic/communications will occur.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 19.png
  4. After you have finished configuring Remote Printing, please click the Save button. You will be prompted that the server must be restarted, click OK.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 20.png
  5. You have successfully configured MOST to enable the remote printing of documents at your MFP.


  • Make sure the users have rights to the Print To Me printer driver, right click over the printer driver select properties and make sure the users have enough security rights.
  • Make sure the Print To Me Process service is running (See section about services) and that it has the correct permissions.
  • Make sure the Print To Me service is running (See section about services) and that it has the correct permissions.
  • Make sure the Print To Me Mobile service is running (See section about services) and that it has the correct permissions.

Install Print To Me Remote Software:

  1. Select Start > Reform > Print_To_Me > Print To Me Remote Deployment Tool to install Print To Me Remote..
  2. Click Next to start the configuration.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 27.png
  3. Select Print To Me Remote from the drop down and click Next.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 28.png
  4. On the Credentials tab populate the Username, Password, and the Domain. NOTE: You must you an administrative account preferably the same account you use to run your services. Click on the Verify Credentials button.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 29.png
  5. When the credentials have been verified, it will say: "The credentials have been verified". Please click the Next button.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 30.png
  6. On the Configuration tab specify the Boot Time Out, Process Time Out, Simultaneous Installations, and Operating Systems. You can leave these as default settings.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 31.png
  7. Click on the Client Settings button to view your Print To Me Remote settings. These are the settings that will be pushed to individual workstation.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 32.png
  8. On the Target Systems tab you can specify your workstations via LDAP query, CSV, or manually entering the Computer’s Name. Click on the LDAP Lookup button to display your LDAP Structure. You can select the group or sub group to display the list of the computers within the group.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 33.png
  9. All the computers will be selected on default, you can deselect by clicking on the checkbox. For demo purposes only one of the workstations will be selected which is PrintServer1.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 34.png
  10. Click on the Get Status button to check the status of the package you’re trying to install in this case we’re checking for Print To Me. You’ll see in the Status column that Print To Me is not installed on PrintServer1.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 35.png
  11. Click on Next to be taken to the Begin Installations tab. Go to the Not Installed Tab to view the system that we want to install Print To Me on. Click on Install to begin the installation.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 36.png
  12. Print To Me will start installing. As soon as it is installed, you will be taken to the Results tab. Within this tab you will see the following status tabs: Active, Successful, and Failed. In the Successful tab you can see here we successfully deployed Print To Me on PrintServer1.
    Reform15 PrintToMe 37.png

Print To Me Services

There are three services associated with the Print To Me plugin. They are: PrintToMe, RM_PrintToMe_Mobile and RM_PrintToMe_Process. To view these services, go to Start > Programs > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services .

Reform15 PrintToMe 38.png

Print To Me Service

This service is responsible for the first stage of the Print To Me process. It monitors jobs that are sent to the Print To Me printer driver. Its first task is to capture the print job so that it can be later printed at an MFP. It also updates the database with information regarding the print job such as the user who printed it, when it was printed and the document title.

Print To Me Mobile Service

The Print To Me mobile service is used to monitor an email address’ inbox for incoming email using the IMAP protocol.  When a new email is found, the application will download the attachments and retrieve the sender’s information.  If LDAP is enabled, the service will attempt to query for the user’s information based on the sender’s email address.  It will then print any compatible attachments to the Print To Me driver.  The typical Print To Me process will then store the print ready file to be released at an MFP from the sender’s account.  If LDAP is not enabled, Print To Me can be configured to send an email response to the sender including a pin code that can be used to release the print job at the MFP.

Print To Me Process Service

This service is responsible for the communication between the MOST server running the service and the MFP. When a user selects a document to be printed and or deleted at the MFP, the MFP notifies the Print To Me Process that the selected task should be carried out. The Print To Me Process does the actual printing and or deleting of the documents when requested by the MFP.

Log On Accounts

Depending on your environment, these services may require a domain account with administrative privileges on the local computer, and also needs access to database. To set a Log On account for a service, right click on the desired service and go to Properties

Reform15 PrintToMe 39.png

Go to the Log On Tab.

Reform15 PrintToMe 40.png

Here you need to fill in the "This Account" fields that will give the service administrative access. You can use the Browse button to assist you in locating the desired account. After selected the account, fill in the Password associated with it. Click OK once complete. You will be asked to restart the service for the changes to take effect. To do so, right click on the service and select Restart, or simply stop and start the service.

Print To Me Mobile

Print To Me Mobile allows users to print documents from a Mobile Device to any MFP. Print To Me Mobile workflow:

  • The user sends a PDF (or other supported file type) as an email attachment to a specified, dedicated email address. (Example:
  • The Print To Me Mobile service monitors the email accounts inbox for incoming messages. When a new message is found, it will download the attachment and print it to the designated printer driver on the Reform Server. This is typically the Print To Me printer driver.
  • If LDAP is in use, the service will also query for the user’s information based on the sender’s email address.
  • If the user’s account is found, the document will automatically be available to the user when they log into MOST.
  • If the user’s account is not found, an email is sent back to their email address with a pin code that can be used to retrieve their document. To log into MOST, the user must enter the pin code as their username, and no password.
  • The Print To Me software then receives the information from the printer driver and processes it normally.
  • The user can then log into MOST on the MFP and retrieve their print job.

Configuring Print To Me Mobile

To use Print To Me Mobile, you must first successfully configure default Print To Me. Then, continue with the steps below to configure the software to monitor the dedicated email address for incoming attachments.

To start the Print To Me Mobile configuration go to Start > Programs > Reform > Print_To_Me > Print To Me Mobile Configuration.

Reform15 PrintToMe 41.png

The Settings dialog will open for configuration.

1. Enter the IMAP information for your email server and account in the utility.

IMPORTANT: This must be a dedicated account. The email account specified here will be monitored by Print To Me Mobile. When Print To Me Mobile monitors the mailbox, it will process and DELETE all incoming emails. If this is accidentally pointed to a personal account, all emails will be lost.

2. If a proxy is required to connect to the server, please include that information as well. Once you have configured your settings, click the "Test IMAP Settings" at the bottom of the screen to verify the connection is successful.

Reform15 PrintToMe 42.png

3. Next, the outbound email settings should be configured. These settings are used to send a pin code to the user if the user’s email address cannot be found within LDAP. Click the "Test Settings" button to send a test email from the email address specified to itself to verify that it was successful.

  • Note: The Reform Email plug-in must be configured and running for notifications to be sent.
Reform15 PrintToMe 43.png

4. The LDAP settings can be configured to be identical to MOST, or can have customized settings. Typically, these should use the same settings as MOST. By default the Mail Object is "mail" and the User Object is "sAMAccountName".

Reform15 PrintToMe 44.png

5. The Other settings allow you to configure the printer driver that the Print To Me mobile documents will be printed to. This should be set to the Print To Me driver. Here, you can also specify how often to check the IMAP server for new items in the inbox.

6. If you want to be able to send word documents from your mobile device to a MFP, download OpenOffice from Then, click the "…" button to select the "soffice.exe" file from your Open Office installation. The default location on a 64 bit operating system is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenOffice 4\program\soffice.exe".

Reform15 PrintToMe 45.png

Click OK to save your settings

Reform15 PrintToMe 46.png

If the Print To Me Mobile Service has not been running, a message will appear asking if you want to start it. Click Yes to start the service automatically.

Reform15 PrintToMe 47.png

Print To Me Mobile is now configured and ready to be used.

In order for Print To Me Mobile to operate correctly with Open Office ensure the Print To Me Mobile service account (RM_PrintToMe_Mobile) is set to a local administrator on the computer (Local System and Network Service accounts will not work properly). Then, login to the computer using the specified service account and start Open Office manually. You will need to go through the quick registration screen before the application can run. Once this is done, Word documents can be sent through Print To Me Mobile.


There are certain directories and SQL tables that need to be monitored for growth along with the Print To Me plugin for MOST. As a system processes more and more jobs, the size of these directories and SQL tables can grow very quickly. Overall system performance can be affected by the large amounts of space that the files may take up. Obsolete files/database entries should be deleted according to your needs and file retention specifications.

Please see the Reform Health Monitor and Maintenance Utility section in the Reform User Manual for more information and instructions for monitoring and maintaining your server. It is recommended to monitor the following directories and SQL tables for growth:


C:\Program Files\Reform…\Queue\Print_To_Me
C:\Program Files\Reform…\Plugins\Print_To_Me\Mobile

SQL Tables:

Print To Me

Installing Print To Me on an Apple MAC computer:

  1. Go to System Preferences
  2. Go To Printers and Scanners
  3. Select the + to add a new printer
  4. Select IP on the top of the dialog box
  5. Under Address: <enter the IP address of the print to me server>
  6. Queue: PrintToMe
  7. Name: Print To Me
  8. Use Generic PCL Printer
  9. Select add
  10. Next screen select the option for Duplexer.
  11. Select ok
Pictogram voting info.svg.png  Note: For best results, make sure the MAC computer is joined to the Microsoft active directory domain.


Workstation to Server - Communication between the workstation/notebook and server is transmitted to the server by SSL.

Server To MFP or Printer - Communication between server and MFP or printer uses the current MOST SSL connection for delivering the print job to the printing device.

Files at rest - File that is either stored or in transit. In cases where the server is not in a secure location or access is not controlled the following technologies can be used:

  1. Bit Locker is included with the Windows operating system.
  2. Microsoft EFS is included with the Windows operating system.
  3. 3rd party solutions are available such as Vormetric Transparent Encryption.

Other company or product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies

Print To Me Issue Ticket

*User’s Name: ___________________________________ *User’s Login Name: ______________________________

*User’s Email Address: ____________________________ User’s Building: _________________________________

User’s Department: ______________________________ Support Contact’s Name: __________________________

Support Contact’s Email: __________________________ Support Contact’s Phone: __________________________

*Severity of Issue (Please check one):

  1. - Test environment (non-production)
  2. - Users are affected, but able to continue business
  3. - Users are affected and it is affecting business, other functionality is working properly
  4. - The software is not functioning properly at all – system outage

Number of Users Affected: _____________ List Each Users Login Name ________________________________



*Description of Issue: _________________________________________________________________________________________________




*Observations about the issue:

Frequency of Issue: Once / Random / Every Attempt / Other (Please Describe): ________________________________


First Occurrence (Date/Time): _____________________ Latest Occurrence (Date/Time): ________________________

  • *Issue is occurring at (Fill in all fields for Reform Server, MFP and Workstation):
  • Reform Server(s)

Reform Server IP(s): _____________________________________________________________________________

  • MFP

Number of MFPs Affected:_______________________

MFP Version :______________________________ MOST Version  : _________________________________

MFP Serial #:__________________________________ MFP IP  : _______________________________________

MFP Model # : _________________________________ MFP Location: __________________________________

  • Workstation

Number of Workstations Affected: ________________ Workstation OS: 7 / 8/ 10

Workstation IP: ________________________________ Workstation Name: _____________________________

Print To Me Printer Driver: _______________________ Port Address: __________________________________

* Additional Information

*Have any changes been made to the Reform Server or Environment? yes/no If yes, What? When? By Who?



If speed is a problem from the workstation, please list the time it takes to completely process through the print queue: _______ seconds/minutes

If printing speed is an issue, please list the time it takes to print to the MFP: _________ seconds/minutes

If finishing on the MFP is an issue, please circle which finishing are not working: Duplexing / Stapling / Booklet / Color

Is user able to see their PrintToMe jobs when logged into MOST? yes / no

Is Reform Tracker being used? yes/no If yes, what mode is tracker in? active / passive

* Fields are required